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Duralife manufactures a wide range of medical/furniture grade PVC furniture for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and home use.  This grade of PVC contains titanium dioxide and other special additives, making it stronger then standard PVC.  At Duralife, Inc. we make durable products that perform above your needs to enhance your life and work experience.  We pledge to offer a wide variety of products that will withstand the everyday and the unusual circumstances of your daily routine at competitive prices.    

Along with performance and value, we understand that comfort and security are vital aspects and are integrated into each of our products.  Compared to conventional and other PVC furnishings, Duralife products boast rugged construction and outstanding features, like warm-to-the-touch and adjustability, which create products with long term value.  Our products are FDA registered, antimicrobial, and easy to clean, to name a few benefits.  Many features offered as standard in our products are listed as optional with added costs by our competitors.

Whether you choose one of our standard items or a custom made product, you will receive Performance, Value and Comfort at competitive prices.  We guarantee it!

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Duralife Inc.