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No two people are exactly alike, and even the needs of a single person can change from day to day. To help ensure your comfort and safety while bathing, you need equipment that can adapt quickly and easily, like these adjustable bath chairs from Duralife.

What Are Adjustable Bath Chairs?

Some people may not be able to bathe comfortably without assistance. For those individuals, adjustable bath chairs are a great option. With the right chair to use for support, taking a bath may change from a frustrating experience to the highlight of your day. At Duralife, our bath chairs come in several shapes and sizes, so you can select the model that will meet your demands. With adjustable features like tilting, reclining, and lifting functionality, you can always adjust your chair to help you be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Find the Right Features

Picking a bath chair doesn’t need to be complicated, but you do need to consider a few different elements. For starters, the chair needs to be the right size, both for you and for the bathtub you will be using. Also, if straps are necessary to help you remain stable while bathing, be sure the chair you pick includes the right type of straps. Many chairs can also have a head stabilizer added for extra comfort and security.

The Duralife Way

Duralife has been trusted for decades to provide patients and caregivers with the PVC furniture they need. It comes down to quality above all else. Every product we create and sell to our customers lives up to the expectations associated with our brand. You are sure to be impressed with our adjustable bath chairs and other products, so place your order today. Have questions? Give us a call and our team will be glad to assist.