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Bathing is one of the main challenges facing any individual with an immobilizing disability. Regular bathing can help you stay healthy, and it also brings a sense of purpose and routine to each day. If you have limited mobility and need a safe and secure bathing solution, turn to Duralife reclining bath chairs as the answer.

What Are Reclining Bath Chairs?

A reclining bath chair allows you to sit in the bathtub in a comfortable position. It might not be possible for some people to sit up in the bath without the assistance of one of these chairs. Our models include the ability to adjust the angle of the chair significantly, so you should have little trouble positioning it so you can bathe comfortably and effectively. This reclining functionality provides a better bathing experience for you, and it should also make life easier on your caregiver.

Trust Duralife

Quality should be your first consideration when shopping for reclining shower chairs. This product needs to support your weight reliably, and it has to perform well in a wet environment day after day. At Duralife, we use medical/furniture-grade PVC to create our products, and we pay close attention to even the smallest design details. For instance, these chairs feature non-slip vinyl caps on the legs to keep the chair in place without leaving any marks on the tub itself.  The 30 series also includes a full chest support harness that many of our competitors charge extra for.

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Whether you are a professional caregiver offering services to many patients, a family member caring for a loved one, or someone who can benefit from these chairs directly, Duralife products promise to make each day a little easier and more enjoyable. Place your order today or contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting Duralife!