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Using the bathroom is a basic human function, yet it can be difficult for elderly or disabled persons to move to and from the restroom comfortably time after time. With a commode chair from Duralife, the need for such movement will be reduced, and life can be made easier for both the individual and their caretaker. Browse our selection of PVC commode chairs to find the perfect model for your situation.

What is a Commode Chair?

You can think of a commode chair as a portable toilet. On a basic level, this chair will have a frame to support the weight of the individual, a seat, and a pail to collect waste. The pail can be easily removed to dispose of waste and clean before being replaced. All of the commode chairs available at Duralife are constructed in the USA with medical/furniture-grade PVC, meaning they will hold up nicely even with consistent use. Whether used in a professional setting or at home, you can trust our commode chairs to offer comfort, durability, and ease of use.

Important Advantages

Using a commode chair rather than a standard toilet is a great choice for elderly or disabled individuals. The height of a standard toilet can sometimes be too low for some individuals to use comfortably, so a commode chair can make for an easier transition on and off. We also offer a number of mobile commodes featuring wheels to make moving them easier. These chairs can be moved easily around the house so the patient will not have to be transported all the way to the bathroom each time.

Selecting the Right Model

There are a few important features to look for when picking the best commode chair for you. First, it’s important to identify models with the right weight capacity. All of our products are built to a high standard of quality, but you should not exceed the stated weight limit as doing so could put the individual at risk. We are pleased to offer several models for bariatric individuals, including the 125-BEX and 300-BEX.

Another feature you may want to consider is the inclusion of wheels. While many of our chairs are relatively lightweight and can be carried, the addition of wheels makes moving them around easier, especially when someone is sitting in them.

Finally, you may wish to consider a commode that doubles as a shower chair. This flexibility allows you to order just one product while taking care of two needs. You’ll have a comfortable commode chair that can be wheeled around the house to various locations, and it can also be rolled into the shower to make bathing easier.

Trust Duralife

For superior PVC furniture, Duralife is an easy choice. Whether you need a reliable PVC commode chair or any of our other products, you can always count on us to deliver quality and value. We have built a strong reputation in the market with over 35 years of experience. Order today or contact us for more information. Thank you for considering Duralife!