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For some individuals, getting up out of bed to use the bathroom is a difficult and potentially dangerous. If your mobility is limited to the point where walking to the bathroom in the night could lead to an accident or injury, consider a bedside commode chair. By removing the need to make it all the way to the toilet, you can use the restroom and get back into bed quickly and easily.

What Are Bedside Commode Chairs?

This product is designed to rest comfortably near your bed to provide an additional toilet that you can use when it is too difficult to reach your home’s bathroom. There are a variety of designs within this product category, including models with only one armrest so the user can easily move onto the commode directly from the bed. The pail on the commode can easily be removed to dispose of waste and be cleaned.

Who Can Benefit?

There are a number of different situations that may call for the use of a bedside commode. For instance, an individual with permanent mobility limitations may choose to use the bedside commode when home alone to reduce the chances of an injury. Or, someone recovering from surgery who may not be able to get around the house as usual could use this product to make day to day life easier until mobility is regained.

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