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Using the restroom in your own home should be a safe and comfortable experience, but that is not always the case for those with limited mobility. If you have physical limitations that make using the bathroom a challenge, a tilting commode chair may be just what you need. Explore the quality models available at Duralife, and place your order today.

What are Tilting Commodes?

A tilting commode chair can act as a portable toilet to eliminate the need to make it to the restroom several times throughout the day. The tilting capability makes the chair easier and more comfortable to use, offering additional support to help keep you seated upright.


The included pail is easy to remove, so waste can be disposed of properly by yourself or a caregiver. With casters that allow the chair to roll easily, you’ll be able to position it wherever necessary to give you the convenience and comfort you desire.

More Than Just a Toilet

The ability to use the restroom in a variety of places around the house is a big benefit, but it is not all that is offered by our commode chairs. Many of these chairs can also be used in the shower to make bathing a more enjoyable experience. Making a single purchase for your commode and shower chair needs can save you money!


Standing to shower may not be within your capabilities at the moment, so this chair can be a great solution to that problem. By using a tilting commode chair for showering needs, you can relax and get clean without the physical stress of standing, bending, reaching, etc.

Order Today

Tilting commode chairs can make your day to day life easier, but only if you buy a quality product from a respected brand. Duralife has been serving this market for decades. We offer high quality, durable products made with medical/furniture-grade PVC. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our team for assistance. Thank you for considering Duralife!