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Caring for children with immobilizing disabilities is a difficult but extremely rewarding task. Caregivers who work in this field need all of the appropriate equipment on hand to make life as safe and easy as possible for themselves and the child. At Duralife, we offer a selection of reliable pediatric bath chairs, shower chairs, and commodes you can rely on. Explore our collection and place your order today.

What Are Pediatric Bath & Shower Chairs?

This line of products is specifically designed to serve the needs of children. Just as with the adult versions of these products, the goal is to make daily tasks such as bathing and showering easier to accomplish. A variety of designs are available, so you can select the model that best fits the needs of the child or children in question. If it is currently a major challenge to help your child bathe each day, let Duralife help you solve that problem.

What Is A Pediatric Commode

Along with taking a shower or bath, using the bathroom is another regular task that can be hard to manage for a child with a disability. Fortunately, our pediatric commodes can provide a solution that will make the patient more comfortable and safer. Some of our products double as commode and shower chairs, so you can get versatile performance from the same piece of equipment. As is always the case at Duralife, we use medical/furniture-grade PVC in the construction of our products to ensure that remain sturdy and safe, day after day.

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