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Is it getting harder for you to stand and take a shower in your home? Or have you reached a point where that simply isn’t a possibility? If taking a shower is more of a chore than you would like it to be, reclining shower chairs may be able to help. By enjoying your shower in a seated position, rather than standing up, the physical burden will be reduced and you can remain comfortable and safe.

What is a Reclining Shower Chair?

This product is a stable and secure chair designed to be used in a wet environment. Made with a medical/furniture-grade PVC frame and a durable mesh material, these chairs are as easy to clean as they are to use. And, with the ability to recline to just the right position, you should have little trouble getting comfortable each time you use the chair.

More than Just Comfort

Being able to recline your shower chair does make it more comfortable to use, but the reclining function is about more than personal comfort. While sitting in a reclined position, more of your body can be exposed to the water—making it easier to clean yourself thoroughly. If you have previously used an upright shower chair and were not able to bathe as successfully as you would have liked, consider a reclining chair.

The Duralife Difference

Don’t order a shower chair from another supplier without first considering the many advantages of ordering from Duralife. Our brand has been serving this market for more than three decades, and we’ve built a loyal following in that time. With quality products made from medical/furniture-grade PVC, you can trust our chairs to remain safe and to last over time. Order today, or contact us with any questions.