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Bathing can be a difficult and dangerous chore for some individuals. If you are struggling with making it and out of the shower each day, and you are perhaps skipping showers as a result, consider ordering a tilting shower chair. With this device available in your bathroom, a daily shower may no longer feel like the arduous task it has been lately.

What Is A Tilting Shower Chair?

Taking a chair from somewhere else in your home and placing it in your shower just isn’t going to work for this purpose. You need something designed specifically to serve this need, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Our tilting shower chairs are made from materials that can withstand the moisture and heat of the shower, and the tilting function makes it easy to get into a well-supported, relaxing position.

The tilting function has many other advantages as well. The tilt can help to prevent the seated person from falling forward and can help them to feel more secure in the shower. These chairs can provide more support, so the user doesn’t have to use as much energy to remain in an upright position.

Safety First

Entering the shower environment can be risky for some people. For one thing, the water in the shower will make surfaces slippery, so falls are a concern. In addition, many showers are built with hard materials like tile, so a fall could be particularly damaging. By using a shower chair instead of attempting to stand for the duration of the shower, the experience can be safer and more enjoyable.

Place Your Order Today

Quality tilting shower chairs can be hard to find—unless you shop with Duralife. Our products are second-to-none in terms of value, comfort, durability, and performance. Not only will you receive a great product when you order from us, but you’ll enjoy excellent customer service, as well. Thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to filling your order!