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One of the many challenges involved with caring for an elderly or disabled patient is moving that person from one place to another safely. For many, getting up to use the bathroom or shower simply isn’t possible without assistance. You may be unable to support your own weight, or it may be impossible for you to do so without putting yourself at risk. By using a sliding transfer bench from Duralife, you can remove this hurdle and make day to day life easier for all involved.

What is a Transfer System?

As the name would indicate, this type of product is a system that allows you to be transferred from one place to another with ease. For instance, you may use a transfer system to be moved in and out of a tub safely. This allows you to be bathed in comfort without requiring the caregiver to do any heavy lifting or awkward maneuvering in and out of the bathing area.

Safety is Paramount

Making things easier for yourself and your caregiver is an important part of what a transfer bench offers, but this product is about safety first and foremost. Under normal circumstances, it’s physically challenging to manually move another person—and accidents can happen. The use of sliding transfer benches, however, can dramatically reduce the chances of injury, both for you and your caregiver.

Proper Training and Operation

Duralife transfer systems are easy to use, but it’s still important to properly train any caregiver who will be using the product on each of the steps required. Specifically, all casters on the device need to be locked into place before a transfer is performed. Once you are secure, the casters can be unlocked and you can be moved. It will only take a short amount of time to teach a new caregiver how to use the system correctly, so don’t overlook that part of the training process.

The Duralife Difference

We’ve talked a lot about the important safety advantages that come with using a transfer system. Those benefits are only going to be realized, however, if you order a product from a trusted supplier like Duralife. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust our products to serve you reliably. To learn more about what Duralife can do for you, contact our friendly team today.

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